Why IVF Hawaii
why IVF Hawaii
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state of the art

Leadership and dedication to advance and improve IVF care.
In order for IVF HAWAII to remain on the cutting edge of in vitro fertilization technology, Dr. Chun and his staff regularly attend seminars and conferences throughout the country to keep up to date on the most recent advances in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). These opportunities promote the exchange of information with colleagues and help to advance skills and knowledge in the field. Site visits to successful IVF centers around the country have been found to be priceless opportunities for learning and exchanging ideas and information.


Knowledge, information and skills learned are brought back to IVF HAWAII where special effort is taken to review, analyze, and implement improved techniques, equipment, and treatments. This on-going quest for learning and self examination opens doors for innovation and excellence and most importantly helps to improve pregnancy rates.