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why IVF Hawaii
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Comprehensive Treatment Process


Comprehensive Treatment Process

Specialized Approach to the Management of IVF Cycles.
A unique feature that separates IVF HAWAII from other IVF clinics is Dr. Chun's dual role as the Medical and Laboratory Director. At most IVF centers, the reproductive specialist is only responsible for the clinical aspects of patient care, and the management of embryos is left to the laboratory staff.


Dr Chun has a different view on how the management of IVF cycles best serves pregnancy outcomes. He believes that a successful IVF program is dependent on the physician’s involvement in the entire IVF process.


Dr. Chun transformed this philosophy into practice after receiving his Masters in Biomedical Sciences with an emphasis on Clinical Embryology and Andrology from Eastern Virginia Medical School. Only a few reproductive specialists nationwide have accomplished such an endeavor. A testament to Dr. Chun's commitment to improving his IVF program.


Today, Dr. Chun is involved with both the clinical and laboratory aspects of IVF treatment process, providing patients this unique comprehensive treatment approach that enhances continuity and quality of care. In collaboration with the embryologist, Dr. Chun has an active role in the laboratory and is closely involved with the handling of the egg and sperm, evaluation of embryo quality, culture systems, and the determination of the optimal time for embryo transfer. He oversees all of the daily functions of the laboratory including quality control and evaluation of all techniques performed.